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Here you can read more about the different services we provide and what each service means for you and your car.

If you have major damage to your car and want to take the case through your insurance, we can help you with that too.


Car painting is a delicate process that requires precision and patience. With several years of experience, we can offer perfect results regardless of the color, model or possible damage you have on the car when you come in.

Plate direction

When the damage repairer has taken the car in, we start by disassembling, exposing and straightening any damage so that we can complete the car for painting. All joints and replaced parts are rust protected to ensure your car rust protection warranty. At the same time, we also order new parts for completion if necessary.

Rust repair

We first grind to be able to see how much surface of the plate should be cut. Then we cut the surface where there is rust that has gone all the way through. Then we start welding on a new sheet metal part, then we grind down all the unevenness where we have welded as much as possible and putty thin afterwards. After that we put on rust protection and then a primer is applied to the surface (puts on filler). The next day, the filler is sanded down, masked and then the car is driven into the box for painting.

Plastic repair

We heat up the plastic with a heat gun, straighten it, grind it down, weld and then put a thin layer on if needed. A primer (filler) is then applied where the repair has been carried out.

Rim renovation

First, we wash off all the dirt stuck to the rims with alkaline degreasing, then we rinse them thoroughly with water so that they are completely clean. When they have dried, we start by sanding down all the damage on the rims and prime them. The next day we grind down the filler and mask the rims and then paint them.

Headlight renovation

We first clean the headlights, after that we sand them a few steps, then we mask to finally polish them.

Brake caliper painting

We unscrew the tires, disassemble the calipers, wash them thoroughly with alkaline degreasing because there is a lot of grease and asphalt on them. When they have dried, we grind the brake calipers and then paint them. Since it is common for brake calipers to get hot, especially on sports cars with a lot of horsepower, we use a special color that can withstand that heat.

Once we have completed the work, we can put stickers on the yoke if the customer wishes. Such as M-power, RS, AMG etc.


It is common to polish the car after painting. Especially if you have got dust where you have painted. If the customer wants a polishing without painting their car with us, that also works. The price starts from SEK 2,490 and varies depending on the size of the vehicle.

Paint protection

Strengthens and protects the car paint, extends the life of the paint and makes it easier to wash the car. You polish before putting on paint protection because the gloss deteriorates when the clear coat wears.

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